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T8 Enjoy top lamp performance with Superior LifeĀ® fluorescent lamps. Built stronger to last longer, these lamps outperform the competition, giving you the best overall value for a superior product. ENERGY EFFICIENT use about 1/5 as much electricity as an incandescent lamp to produce the same amount of light. BRASS PINS for better contact with sockets. METAL ENDS for increased durability. STRONGER LEAD-IN WIRES contributes to 44,000 user hours. EXTENDED LIFE PHOSPHORS blended scientifically to reduce color shift and provide consistent light over the life of the lamp. TRIPLE TUNGSTEN CATHODE heavy duty, triple wound to improve electrode emissions and coated with rare earth oxides to lengthen the cathode life. CATHODE GUARD* special alloy retards end blackening and improves lumen maintenance. All of our Superior Life linear fluorescents are certified to protect the environment and allow for convenient domestic disposal ENVIRONMENTAL FEATURES: Passes EPA tests for substances that might dissolve into the ecosystem. 80% less mercury protects the environment from excess mercury in discarded lamps. Use a cleaner, low-mercury gas for a more crisp, clean light output Approved for domestic disposal. Saves money on lamp disposal costs and offers you more disposal options. Krypton/Argon Gas mixture for reduced energy consumption. No loss in performance high efficiency offers the same color temperature as a standard fluorescent lamp.