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Manufacturer Item: 56601624

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The Advance Advenger rider-scrubber with EcoFlex puts green cleaning, deep cleaning and everything in between into your hands. The EcoFlex system gives the ability to meet green cleaning standards and your standards for clean floors. The EcoFlex system's onboard detergent dispensing feature sets the stage for cleaning green and clean in either of the Advenger's flexible cleaning modes. This refillable cartridge based system: * Allows use of any detergent, including green certified or water only cleaning. * Automatically measures detergent at the desired ratio. * Dispenses detergent along with clean water just as solution is applied to the floor. * Utilizes ultra flow dispensing that cuts water usage by up to 70%. * Eliminates solution pre-mixing so there's no water or detergent waste, and no solution tank to empty or clean. With the versatile performance of the EcoFlex System, the Advenger rider scrubber delivers flexibility that's good for the environment and for the cleanliness of hard floors. Stocked Model: Advenger X2805D-C (model 56601624) with 319-AH and Onboard Charger, 28" disc. 4 each 310-AH wet batteries, onboard charger, 115 VAC/36 VDC, 25 A, two each pad holders.

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